NSG America, Inc. Announces a Broadband Platform for Manufacturing Passive Optical Networking Products

Somerset, NJ (March, 2005)…NSG America, the creator of the SELFOC® Lens and the world’s leading supplier of Gradient Index lenses is introducing a Broadband Solutions Platform at this year’s OFC/NFOEC show. Through their evolving Original Opti-Sourcing™ services, NSG has developed a complete line of optical component solutions for the broadband market. By leveraging their core competency in materials and manufacturing, and using key outsourced technologies through partnerships, NSG is able to offer a new twist to the concept one-stop-shopping. This approach enables NSG to offer complete broadband solutions to its customers, all in a seamless fashion. The broadband product platform includes products such as: WDM couplers for the OLT, fused fiber splitters for outside plant distribution, and active triplexers for customer premises.

The key material ingredient to NSG’s Broadband Platform is their expertise using Filter-On-Lens (FOL) technology. FOL coatings are sputtered directly on the end face of the SELFOC GRIN lens to create a single integrated device, rather than using separate filter substrates. This technique eases alignment, improves reliability and performance, and reduces cost by simplifying the manufacturing process. In addition, the integrated FOL process enables a flexible manufacturing platform to achieve high isolation and low insertion loss designs, ideal for broadband requirements.

NSG’s Broadband Platform is the basis for a comprehensive line of passive optical component capabilities specifically designed for the FTTx market. These products service the many needs of the broadband market including Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) and Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications.